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We Will Show You How To Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business.


At Jaskot Burk we analyze your business’s “big picture.” As a hands-on adviser, we review your financial management systems, guiding you toward efficient business practices. We help you establish short-range and long-range business objectives, as well as strategies and policies for growth. We can also evaluate working performance and administrative structure to establish your readiness to realize your goals.


Nobody knows your business better than you do. We begin by listening to your concerns to familiarize ourselves with how you operate. Then, we’ll use what we’ve discovered to launch a plan to fine-tune operations and increase company performance. We’ll show you how to:


  • Improve Internal Controls
  • Remove unneeded expenses
  • Boost Cash Flows
  • Situate for lasting profitability and growth

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We streamline consulting activity so

getting to know the root source or a need is swift,

resulting in impactful decision making