case studies


Company: Childforms.

Issues Addressed: Financial Instability, Operational inefficiencies, Employee/Manager Communication, and Investment Management.

Work Performed/Outcomes: Performed a business review that analyzed every aspect of the Company and made recommendations on how to improve those areas. Helped implement various Management Information Systems to enable better operational control and record-keeping. Performed a business valuation to determine the fair price at which a new owner could buy into the Company. Created work flow charts to map out and improve the efficiency of various organizational processes.

Company: Asheville Community Theatre.


Issues Addressed: Patron Satisfaction and Operational Work Flow.

Work Performed/Outcomes: Created and spearheaded efforts to survey patrons of the theater and get a better understanding of what types of shows to play, what day(s)/time(s) to have the shows, and other customer preferences to increase customer base and profitability of the Theatre. Created in-depth flow charts to determine where gaps existed in various processes related to the management of the Theatre's productions. Laid framework to launch Capital Campaign for renovation of the existing Theatre and expansion. 

Company: Flame Treating Systems Inc.


Issues Addressed: Insufficient and inconsistent margins on product sales.

Work Performed/Outcomes: Developed cost-plus pricing models that indicated an underpriced product was being sold. By implementing the custom pricing models, FTSI increased gross margins between 50% - 70% without reducing customer demand.

Company: Stickels Service Company.


Issues Addressed: Disorganization of processes.

Work Performed/Outcomes: Created document templates and provided financial/accounting advice to enable the Company to move its record-keeping functions from pen and paper to electronic/digital. This enabled the Company to create, send, analyze and review job quotes and other customer information while in the field. Additionally, it enabled the Company to keep better, more up-to-date information regarding its accounts payables and receivables.   


Company: Talking Book.


Issues Addressed: Project profitability, accounting and finance system management, and operational flow of projects.

Work Performed/Outcomes: Developed flexible pricing models to ensure services remained competitively priced yet profitable by integrating all functions of publishing. Performed CFO-level strategic guidance and daily bookkeeping to ensure proper receipt and payment of all royalties, business expenses and revenues. Improved operations and work flow management to guarantee the on-time completion of every project.