CBD - Hemp

SAFE Banking Act


Prepare your business for banking opportunities via the SAFE Act. We know what banks are looking for regarding accounting, financial statements, tax records, and more.   

Mergers - Acquisitions


Interested in investing into or buying an existing Cannabis Company? A Due Diligence Audit will analyze the companies true value via revenue, profit margins, and return on equity.

Packaging For Investors


We know what investors are looking for! By providing complete financial statements, projected revenues, and your current capitalization, we can demonstrate the value of a CBD / Hemp Company. 

Financial Modeling & Analysis


Gain insight into the current state of your business via a complete financial analysis. Learn how to maximize your profits.

3rd Party Quality Control & Analysis


  Keeping you current and compliant. Providing independent inspection for agriculture and cannabis products.

Supply Chain & Distribution Analysis


Boost profits through efficient supply chain management. Find and eliminate the inefficiencies in your product chain.